Hybrid Servo System

Hybrid Servo System

The Hybrid Servo Driver series offers an alternative for applications requiring high performance and high reliability when the servo was the only choice, while it remains cost-effective. The system includes a 2-phase stepper motor combined with a fully digital, high performance drive and an internal encoder which is used to close the position, velocity and current loops in real time, just like servo systems.

Benefits of Hybrid Servo System

    Superior Energy-Saving Result:

  • Lower energy consumption rate at the clamping and cooling stage while maintaining high productivity and high precision.
  • 40% less energy consumption than variable displacement pump hydraulic systems.
  • 60% less energy consumption than traditional fixed displacement pump hydraulic systems.

    Low Oil Temperature:

  • Oil temperature reduced by 5-10 deg celcius; oil usage reduced by 50-60%; 50% less oil tank volume; lower cooler specifications required or even no cooler required.

    High Degree of Repeat Accuracy:

  • Precise flow and pressure control featuring duplication of products with less than 0.09% difference.

    Long Holding Pressure:

  • Keeps mold halves securely closed for a longer period for thick plastic products formation.

    Good Frequency Response:

  • Advance series with permanent magnetic servo motor (PMSM) speeds up frequency response to 50ms.

    Suitable for Harsh Environments:

  • Resolver is resistant to vibration, oil and dust.